Our Story

JB's Spice Blends
I grew up loving to cook, which I inherited from my mother. One of my favorite places in the kitchen was the spice cabinet. I loved playing with flavors and seeing what different combinations of spice would do. About 10 years ago I ventured into the realm of smoking meat for myself and others. For the last 7 years I have taken on the task of preparing and smoking a ridiculous amount of meat for our Law Enforcement Officers week. People would talk about how good the Q was and wondered why I didn't have a restaurant doing this full time vs. having a career in law enforcement. I figured it was friends/co-workers just being nice until recently when I had some people outside of my circle try the food. I had many ask what rub I used and when I told them it was my own, the response was the same. Bottle it up and sell me some. With the encouragement from my wife, family, co-workers,  and friends I started JB's Gourmet Spice Blends. The Spice Blends part of the name comes from well, Blending spices. But the Gourmet part is where we stand out. Our blended rubs are full of rich flavor, aroma, and spice which I hand select. We do not use cheap fillers, added colors, or an abundance of salt to fill the space. You get a quality affordable product that will leave your taste buds satisfied and your belly full with out the gluten or MSG. We are not a cottage food operation nor do we use a co-packer to produce our products. From start to finish we blend, label, and pack our spices in a licensed facility so you can trust you are getting a quality product straight from the source.
Thank you for welcoming JB's into your home, Savor The Q!
Joshua Brack