Our Story

JB's Gourmet Spice Blends

Retired Marine Corps Veteran Owned and Operated

Cook and taste why our high quality small batch blends set us apart from the rest. The Spice Blends part of the name comes from well, blending spices. But the Gourmet part is where we stand out. Our blended rubs are full of rich flavor, aroma, and the freshest spices which we hand select. We do not substitute quality for profit which means no cheap fillers or an abundance of salt to fill the space. You get a delicious affordable product that will leave your taste buds satisfied and your belly full, all without the gluten* or MSG. From start to finish we blend, label, and pack our spices in a licensed facility so you can trust you are getting a fresh quality product straight from the source. We are continually growing and expanding with our blends now available for purchase at over 35 different retail locations throughout Missouri, Kansas, & Arkansas. Our blends are also used daily in Missouri restaurants, Meat markets, at Springfield Mercy Hospital, and by different BBQ caterers across the country. Taste and smell the difference of using JB's today. 

 We thank you for welcoming JB's into your home or business, Savor The Q!

Founder:  JB