1/2 Pint Jar Variety Gift Set

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Choose from our selection of exquisite signature blends to curate your own 1/2 pint jar gift set, complete with a tag for effortless gifting. This versatile set is the perfect choice for any occasion, from casual surprises to grand celebrations. Ideal for the BBQ enthusiast or the culinary aficionado in your life, this set is a quintessential collection for anyone who delights in cooking. It's an excellent choice for holidays, birthdays, weddings, corporate gifts, or any gathering that calls for a thoughtful touch. And don't forget to treat yourself to one, ensuring you don't miss out on the joy of these flavorful blends.

Ideas that make great 3 - Jar combinations....

For the Back Yard Griller - Red Dirt Road, Northen Lights, Rock Quarry

For The Hunter - Red Dirt Road, Prairie Dust, Rock Quarry

Poultry Lover - Prairie Dust, Gold Rush, Fields of Glory

Fish & Seafood - Red Dirt Road, Fields of Glory, Northern Lights

Traditional Family Meals - Fields of Glory, Gold Rush, Fiesta Grande


Each set will come with three 1/2 pint jars that you choose

RED DIRT ROAD - Signature BBQ Rub 

GOLD RUSH - All Purpose Garlic & Herb Blend 

PRAIRIE DUST - Savory All Purpose Blend 

FIESTA GRANDE - Taco / Fajita Seasoning

FIELDS OF GLORY - Zesty Garlic Lemon Pepper 

ROCK QUARRY - Custom Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Table blend 

NORTHERN LIGHTS - Like Montréal steak seasoning but better 


Your friends and family may even let you try some of what they make using it. SAVOR THE Q